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A girl’s best friend…

Ah, my new bestie. We meet regularly, sometimes multiple times in one day, takes all the crap I give, helps me get out of a mess and often helps drown out the noise of my simultaneously screaming munchkins. I am, of course, referring to the king of all white goods – the washing machine. Undoubtedly,… Continue reading A girl’s best friend…

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The mother of all tipping points

There is a time of day, spoken about amongst many mothers, where within a matter of seconds your world can switch from ‘just about under control’ to complete and utter carnage. It’s really quite astonishing how quickly the change can take place and no matter how hard you try to keep a firm grip on… Continue reading The mother of all tipping points

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There’s a bad smell in the air and it’s not just Brexit

Let’s face it people – it’s been a pretty (excuse my language) sh***y time of late. There is, of course, the unavoidable subject of my motherland’s shocking decision to exit the EU. But, as if that wasn’t enough to contend with, I faced my first (and boy do I hope last) challenge of changing a poop-filled… Continue reading There’s a bad smell in the air and it’s not just Brexit