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Never has a Komodo Dragon felt so rejected…


Staring eye to eye with a Komodo dragon we hold our breath in excitement waiting for Lucas’s reaction to what lies before him.  We look down to catch the look on our boy’s face and he’s mesmerised, not by the dragon you understand, but by a stick he has stumbled upon outside of the dragons den that’s also proving to be a rather tasty alternative to lunch. Determined to try to get him to appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom we attempt a few times to get him to glance at the largest lizard in existence, but the stick is proving to be far more entertaining than anything we could show him and wins the attention of our boy.

As we continue to stroll around the zoo “oohing and aahhing” every few hundred yards, Lucas loses his initial interest and the odd yawn even starts to creep in telling us “enough of the animals my cot is calling”. Nevertheless we endeavour to show our boy the various feathered and furry friends around us in a bid to provide a stimulating afternoon. You can’t help but feel he would be just as happy without the need of even leaving the house, but as any parent will know you are constantly trying to make each day a new adventure for your little one and feed their curious minds, when in fact I am sure each day brings new and exciting things for them from the minute they wake up with very little effort on your part.

Of course we continue to make the most effort we can for the little people we have brought into this world and I am sure on some rare occasions it even has a lasting positive impact on them, but I can’t help but wonder time and time again why as parents we continue to fool ourselves on so many matters where our efforts are more often than not completely wasted. A few examples spring to mind from recent experience – hours of preparing nutritional and hearty home cooked meals when all your little one wants is to chomp their way through a HIPP organic jar or a bag of Babybels over mama’s culinary creation. Planning exciting and educational trips when an afternoon with some empty cardboard boxes will probably do just fine or exploring the ever-exciting kitchen which seems to be the playground of the indoor world.  His eyes light up at the opening of the kitchen draws (note all sharp objects removed for safety) and all the wondrous things they hold from food clips to potato mashers and the all-important spoon! Is it just Lucas or are most toddlers obsessed with spoons?? I’m sure it’s just a phase. There is clearly no need for trips to the Early Learning Centre when we have a kitchen at our disposal and all the joy that it brings.

And for us mums in particular we continue to fool ourselves into thinking we can start the day wearing a clean outfit (some days even one that involves mild co-ordination and accessorising) without ending the day looking like the you are wearing the entire contents of your fridge with a dash of snot to top it all off. My current look is a fetching combination of wet biscuit mixed with drool & snot which looks like a snail is having a party on my clothes. No matter how hard I try clean clothes are simply a luxury I can only long for these days.

Of course, we will continue on the search for stimulating day trips and home cooked meals, but as far as the clean clothes go I’ve decided to embrace my snot-patterned leggings for the foreseeable future…


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