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What did we ever do without Peppa Pig?

Celebratory beach dance as we make it home in one piece

Moving country with a one year old to a foreign land where I don’t speak the language didn’t seem enough of a challenge so we decided to keep the adrenaline going and drive 15 hours from London to Barcelona with our super active boy. Brave I hear you say or just outright crazy?? To add to the ‘adventure’ this was all undertaken on the back of mum and bubs spending a night under the care of the ever wonderful NHS after contracting a vomiting bug 24 hours after arriving in the UK – NICE!

Bizarrely I think the bug helped the drive as it stripped Lucas of his usual boundless energy which resulted in him sleeping nearly all of the way with the remaining time being aided by endless episodes of Peppa Pig – god love those talking pink piggies. So, all in all the trip went very smoothly. It would have been all but perfect if it was not for the highlight of was stripping Lucas down on the bonnet of our car in a forest car park 10 minutes into our journey and using copious amounts of wipes in a bid to rid him of the pooped stained state he had ended up in after an explosive diarrhea incident. As bemused Barbour-wearing dog walkers passed by we smiled and acted like it was perfectly normal. I am happy to say that was the worst of our trip and we safely made it back home via the beautiful cathedral town of Amiens and Millau – home of the spectacular Millau viaduct.  Yes, I am officially old – I was seriously impressed by a viaduct and I am not afraid to say it.

So, having made the trip back in one piece it’s on to focusing on the next challenge – learning Spanish. It’s time my Spanish vocabulary consisted of more than the all-important phrase of ‘una cerveza y patatas bravas por favor.” You never know, perhaps my next post will be in español.  ¡Hasta luego!


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