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Back, from Barcelona this time…

So, I have to hold my hands up and admit that I have committed the sin of all social media sins and started a blog only to blatantly ignore it and like an untendered garden I need to give it some much needed TLC to revive it. What better a way than a life changing act to fill me with words to share, frustrations to release and photos of us frolicking in the sunshine for you all to gloat over! Our lovely little boy has now turned one and to celebrate this momentous occasion (mainly the fact that we made it through relatively unscathed) we thought we needed another challenge to keep us on our toes in 2016, and so we decided to up sticks and move to sunnier climes to a city we love and that has inspired many a famous song – Barcelona.The biFullSizeRender (15)g move has been made and here we are lapping up the sunshine (yes, even in the winter months the sun pays a regular visit) and adjusting to life on the Iberian Peninsula.



My main short-term goals as the recent stay at home mum are to:

  • Find Lucas a nursery
  • Find us a home
  • Find a job

No time to waste then! So far I have ticked off task number one on my list. After many nursery visits and the standard deliberating over ‘is this the right place for my child’ I have enrolled Lucas in an international nursery (of which there are many) near our home. Job done!

Feeling good about the list going down, I continue with my day to day tasks and find the initial teething frustrations of moving country with a small child slowly increasing. I could wax lyrical about the all the differences that we have encountered so far, such as the difference in the child immunisations schedule or the shockingly scary staff to child ratio for nurseries, but instead I have narrowed it down to these 3 irritating problems which made me realise what I took for granted in London: totally user UN-friendly online shopping, lack of Boots or equivalent shop and the difficulty in finding nappy bags and baby toothpaste!  Of course, I realise that in life there are far greater problems to be concerned with and one might ask do I have a lack of perspective to be worried about such things. However, as anyone who has moved country knows, it is indeed the small and familiar things that count in the early days. So, for now these are my problems.

Venting my frustrations to Omar (the estate agent helping me with task number 2 on my list) he came back to me with these wise words: “lady, this is not London – you must set your expectations” – and then pointing to the glaring sun that was beating down on us and the waves of the sea in the distance he finished with “you may not find all the same things here in Barcelona, but you will get this”. I really must stop talking to anyone who will listen, but more importantly there is something to be learnt from Omar – my new best friend. I will plough on with a more positive attitude, as it’s really the key to survival in these changing times. I also got a good tip on the nappy bag front – just use doggy poop bags. Ah you see, there’s usually a simple solution to be found…and after all we have moved to a city that Freddie Mercury has sung about – doesn’t get much better than that, right?


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