Oh Dreamgenii how I hope you live up to your name…

Making all my wishes come true
Making all my wishes come true

After returning from a period of radio silence, I am pleased to say today promises to be the first day of the rest of my pregnancy upon the arrival of my much anticipated ‘dreamgenii’ pregnancy pillow. As the name optimistically suggests I am hoping this genie (ok it’s in the form of a synthetic vessel rather than your traditional bottle) will indeed bring me dreams as  I will actually be able to catch some well needed Zzzz’s.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’ – I hear you sleep deprived mothers say and I do hear you. On one hand part of me feels the lack of sleep is preparing me for the months or years to come as I am told. But, on the other hand the bigger part of me thinks this is the very time to store up as much sleep as possible in preparation for the months to come. Let’s see if the genie grants me my wish…



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