Elderflower bubbly anyone?

So, the news has broken that the stork has landed and bestowed the miracle of a little person growing inside you! As the news settles, my thoughts turn to a celebratory drink – but alas this is not the best choice of celebration for an expectant mother. So, to prepare myself for the next 9 months of personal prohibition I have been on a journey of non-alcoholic beverage discovery. So far the journey has taken me back in time with cravings of childhood drinks that are hard to track down such as the mixed fruit drink that goes by the name Vimto. Ah, nostalgia tastes so sweet.

Now, when it comes to mocktails I have been pleasantly surprised at how many restaurants/bars now have these on the menu. The best so far has been the long list at Ping Pong – I went for the mocktail Pina Colada and was not disappointed! If you want to have a mocktail or two in the comfort of your own home, I am happy to say Marks & Spencer have a range of mocktails – I’m currently on the mojito one – perfect for those long summer evenings.

I have also discovered that non-alcoholic wine is really not worth adding to your menu. You may as well go for a nice fruit drink which is both a healthier and tastier option.  Friends have told me non-alcohlic beer is a much better option being closer to the real thing – I have some lined up to mix with some lemonade for a shandy when the sun comes out to play.

My top choices of summer drinks:

–          Elderflower juice (love them all!)

–          Burdock and Dandelion (Fentimans is a good choice)

–          Hibiscus lemonade (M&S have a nice one)

–          Any kind of real fruit smoothie (Pret do a very nice mixed berry one from fresh fruit)

All in all, the non-alcoholic beverage path has not left me disppoinbted so far (it’s only month 3 so lets see what I say come month 8) but I think it is fair to say ladies there is plenty of choice these days for us all to enjoy a good drink and be smug in the knowledge that the morning after we will awake fresh and hang-over free…well, hang-over free anyway!

I will continue to update the drink list as my trials continue…please also feel free to add to them your own discoveries!


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